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Michaël Pasek (Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, ENS, Paris)

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Le 27 novembre 2015 à 11h salle 252 (Salle du conseil) bat. P5bis

Mobility edge of cold atoms in speckle potentials : role of the on-site potential distribution and anisotropic spatial correlations

Three recent experiments have claimed the observation of three-dimensional Anderson localization of cold atoms exposed to laser speckle potentials. However, the estimated mobility edge, namely the critical value of the energy separating localized from extended states, is in all cases larger than the current best theoretical and numerical predictions. In order to shed some light on this matter, and disentangle the role of the on-site probability distribution of the potential from the effect of its spatial correlations, we study a spatially-uncorrelated three-dimensional Anderson model with a Rayleigh potential distribution.
Using the self-consistent theory of localization, we recover the large asymmetry in the position of the mobility edge for blue and red-detuned speckles, which was recently observed numerically for spatially correlated isotropic speckle potentials.I will also present some preliminary results on Anderson localization in blue-detuned speckles with anisotropic spatial correlations, where an approximate scaling property for the mobility edge holds when the potential strength is renormalized by an appropriately-defined correlation energy.