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Appointment to the IUF

par Le directeur du laboratoire, Thérèse HUET, Webmestre - publié le , mis à jour le

Arnaud Mussot, professor at Lille PhLAM laboratory was appointed junior member at the "Institut Universitaire de France"

The Institut universitaire de France’s mission is to promote the development of high level research in universities and strengthen interdisciplinarity. Faculty members are appointed annually by the IUF, after examination of their application by an international jury, which assesses the quality of their scientific work and their research project.

The appointment of Arnaud Mussot embodies the recognition of excellent results in the field of nonlinear optics in specialty optical fibers from the central "FIBERTECH" and the research project on superfluidity of the light and the Casimir effect dynamics in optical fibers. These searches are done through the Labex CEMPI and Equipex FLOW.

Learn more about the project

The purpose of this project is to carry out the first experimental demonstration of superfluidity of the light and the dynamic Casimir effect in optical fibers. These findings constitute a real break in physics since this type of experience is usually carried out in complex experimental devices of cold atoms. Optical fibers then appear as an alternative choice to perform fundamental physics experiments. More generally, this work will yield a better understanding of analogies (based on the universality of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation) between cold atoms and non-linear optical fibers.

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