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PhLAM team article figure selected for the Phys. Rev. E "Kaleidoscope"

par Eric LOUVERGNEAUX - publié le

A figure from a PhLAM team article selected by the Physical Review E Editor to be displayed on the journal web site as part of the "Kaleidoscope".

The picture displays noise-induced phase defects in a traveling spatial pattern. The phase-singularities correspond to the discontinuities in the stripe structure.
In this article, the NDOS team shows that the key ingredients for creating recurrent traveling spatial phase defects in drifting patterns are a noise-sustained structure regime together with the vicinity of a phase transition, that is, a spatial region where the control parameter lies close to the threshold for pattern formation. They both generate specific favorable initial conditions for local spatial gradients, phase, and/or amplitude. Predictions from the stochastic convective Ginzburg-Landau equation with real coefficients agree quite well with experiments carried out on a Kerr medium submitted to shifted optical feedback that evidence noise-induced traveling phase slips and vortex phase-singularities.

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