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Adam Rançon-Schweiger (Laboratoire de Physique - Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France)

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Le 29 avril 2016 - 14h - salle 172 bat. P5 bis

Equations of state of strongly correlated superfluids

Strongly correlated superfluids can be obtained by loading cold atoms into an optical lattice. If the on-site interaction is sufficiently strong, there is a phase transition from the superfluid toward the so-called Mott insulator, where phase coherence and superfluidity are destroyed. Experimentally, the properties of the system at the transition could be studied by measuring the equation of state, which can be reconstructed from in situ measurements.
I will discuss the equation of state close to the Mott transition in different regimes. For example, if the transition takes place with a change of density, the equation of state is closely related to that of a dilute Bose gas (the equation of state of which has been measured experimentally by several groups), once one accounts for a renormalization of the mass and scattering length of the atoms. On the other hand, if the transition takes place at constant density, it belongs to a different universality class, the physics of which is related to that of the Higgs boson.