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A Terahertz oscilloscope for studies of synchrotron radiation

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PhLAM researchers recently developed a new type of "terahertz oscilloscope", and used it for recording Terahertz pulses emitted in synchrotron radiation facilities. The required extreme oscilloscope speed could be reached by using the so-called photonic time-stretch technique.

In the framework of a collaboration with Synchrotron SOLEIL, the team could thus evidence a transition between two dynamical regimes, that involve spontaneous formation of spatial structures (patterns) inside electron bunches. This very fundamental phenomenon, which has been theoretically predicted 15 years ago, plays a central role in new synchrotron radiation sources based on the process of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR).

The article has been selected in the Editors’suggestions of the journal Physical Review Letters [1], and the Terahertz oscilloscope is described in [2].

[1] Direct Observation of Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Short Electron Bunches in Storage Rings, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 054801 (2017)
view online

[2] High sensitivity photonic time-stretch electro-optic sampling of terahertz pulses, Review of scientific instruments 87, 10.1063 (2016)
view online