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Single-shot measurement of phase and amplitude by using a heterodyne time-lens system and ultrafast digital time-holography

by Johanna Leclercq - published on

Abstract of the article published in Nature Photonics volume 12 page 228-234 March 12, 2018 :

"Temporal imaging systems are outstanding tools for single-shot observation of optical signals that have irregular and ultrafast dynamics. They allow long time windows to be recorded with femtosecond resolution, and do not rely on complex algorithms. However, simultaneous recording of amplitude and phase remains an open challenge for these systems. Here, we present a new heterodyne time-lens arrangement that efficiently records both the amplitude and phase of complex and random signals over large temporal windows (tens of picoseconds). Phase and time are encoded onto the two spatial dimensions of a camera. We implement this phase-sensitive time-lens system in two configurations: a time microscope and a digital temporal-holography device that enables single-shot measurement with a temporal resolution of 80 fs. We demonstrate direct application of our heterodyne time-lens to turbulent-like optical fields and optical rogue waves generated from nonlinear propagation of partially coherent waves inside optical fibers."

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Alexey Tikan, Serge Bielawski, Christophe Szwaj, Stéphane Randoux and Pierre Suret
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