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Alexandre Kudlinski, laureate of the Fabry - de Gramont 2018 prize.

par Johanna Leclercq - publié le

The Fabry - de Gramont 2018 prize from the French Optics Society (SFO) was awarded to Alexandre Kudlinski, professor at the University of Lille in the PhLAM laboratory.

This prize rewards an internationally recognized young researcher (under 40) whose research has been noted for their quality, originality and potential impact.
More about the Fabry - de Gramont prize : Link

Alexandre Kudlinski is rewarded for his contributions in the field of non-linear photonics and more particularly for his work concerning the dynamics of the modulation instability and the propagation of solitons in the topographic optical fibers that he has developed within the Fibertech technology platform.

Video : Remerciements d’Alexandre Kudlinski prix Fabry - de Gramont 2018.mp4