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Workshop on recent advances in ultrafast non-linear fiber optics.

by Johanna Leclercq - published on , updated on

The ROP and FEMTO Networks of the CNRS Mission for Interdisciplinarity invites you to participate in thematic days on the recent advances in ultrafast non-linear fiber optics at IRCICA on December 4th and 5th.

You can register for free online via the following link:
Registrations open until September 30, 2018 within the limit of 100 places available.
Free registration. Lunch and dinner included.

IRCICA 50 Avenue Halley 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq FRANCE

Arnaud MUSSOT - 03 62 53 16 44
Professor University of Lille - Science and Technology
Responsible of the photonic team of PHLAM Laboratory
Member of the French University Institute

Johanna Leclercq - 03 20 43 49 43
Communications Officer PhLAM Laboratory - CPER Photonics For Society
University of Lille - Sciences and Technologies

The program:

Tuesday, December 4th:

10h: Welcome
10h30: Alexandre KUDLINSKI (PhLAM): "Grey, black solitons : Dispersive wave emission and collision in optical fibers."
11h: Matteo CONFORTI (PhLAM): "Shock waves in optical fibers."
11h30: Bertrand KIBLER (ICB): "Modulation instability, breathers and frequency combs in optical fibers."
12h: Julien FATOME (ICB): "Domain walls in optical fibers/cavities."
12h30-14h: Lunch
14h: Vincent COUDERC (Xlim): "Self-organization of light in multimode fibers : examples of applications."
14h30: Ammar HIDEUR (University of Rouen): "Ultra fast mid IR fiber laser sources."
15h: Marc HANNA (Institute of Optics): "Ultrafast nonlinear fiber optics without fibers : multipass cells."
15h30: Eric CORMIER (CELIA): "GHz fiber laser source based on femtosecond pulse generation without mode lock."
16h: Coffee break
17h: Lauriane FOUCHÉ (CEA) : "Fiber-based front-end developments for high power large scale laser facility."
17h30: Hervé RIGNEAULT (Aix Marseille University): "Nonlinear endoscopes."
18h: Guy MILLOT (ICB): "Nonlinear fiber optics for near and mid infrared dual comb spectroscopy."
20h: Dinner

Wednesday, December 5th:

8h30: Andrius BALTUŠKA (University of Vienna): "Pulse characterization method for ultrashort pulse duration."
9h: John DUDLEY (Femto-st): "Advances in real time measurements for nonlinear fiber optics and characterisation of dissipative solitons."
9h30: Goëry GENTY (Technological University of Tampere): "Machine learning : a new tool for studying ultrafast nonlinear instabilities."
10h: Pierre SURET (PhLAM): "Ultrafast measurement of phase and amplitude of nonlinear random waves by using heterodyne time microscope and digital time-holography."
10h30: Coffee break
11h: Jean-Charles BEUGNOT (Femto-st): "Reduction of brillouin scattering by tapered optical fiber."
11h30: François LEO (Free University of Brussels): "Efficient second harmonic generation in III-V-on-insulator nanowaveguides."
12h: Fetah BENABID (Xlim): "Glass, gas and light : enabling ingredients for gas fibre photonics."
12h30-14h: Lunch
14h: Thibaut SYLVESTRE (Femto-st): "Femtosecond supercontinuum generation in heavy-metal oxide glass photonics crystal fiber."
14h30: Benjamin WETZEL (University of Sussex): "Smart supercontinuum sources : customizing nonlinear optical interactions via adaptive temporal pulse-splitting."
15h: Camille Sophie BRÈS (EPFL): "Super continuum calcogenure."
15h30: Arnaud Mussot (PhLAM): "Intérêt autour de la création d’un GDR sur cette thématique."
16h: End of the workshop.