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François Damanet (University of Strathclyde, Scotland)

par Jean-Claude GARREAU - publié le

Le 21 septembre 2018 - 11 h - salle 172 - bâtiment P5 bis

Open system approaches for quantum transport in nanoelectronics

Understanding and controlling the transport properties of quantum many-body systems constitutes one of the key forefronts in quantum physics. The development of clean experimental platforms and adapted theories to investigate quantum transport phenomena represents thus an important research field.
In this talk, I will present how open system approaches (master equations, input-output formalism), which originated from quantum optics to study the interaction of atoms with light, can be used to tackle problems of quantum transport in nanoelectronics devices. As a specific example, I will present our study of the transport dynamics of electrons and Cooper-pairs through a chain of quantum dots connecting two superconducting leads. In this framework, the chain of quantum dots constitutes an open system coupled to two reservoirs (i.e. the leads) prepared at different temperatures and chemical potentials in order to generate a non-equilibrium transport dynamics in the system. I will present how signatures of both the system and the leads properties can be obtained through the evaluations of particle currents, direct measurable quantities. I will then show our results on the effects of additional particle loss and dephasing acting directly on the system, effects usually present in experimental setups, and how they alter non-trivial particle current such as Multiple Andreev Reflections.