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The new PhLAM logo

by Johanna Leclercq - published on , updated on

The Laboratory of Physics of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules changes its logo after 20 years of good and loyal services.

THE CONCEPT: Illustration of the acronym PhLAM.
We have kept the old concept relevant and associated with the image of PhLAM since its inception 20 years ago. That is to say, the use of the representation of the symbols of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules that we find in the acronym PhLAM: Physics of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules.

DESIGN: Flat design 2.0 or semi flat design shadow.
It is a sub-genre of the minimalist current characterized by
simple forms, without textures, with discreet shadows. This creates a slight relief and depth in a style that evokes origami.

COLORS: The gradient of the chromatic circle.
This color gradient inspired by the chromatic circle brought up to date with the "color of the year 2018" and its accompaniment colors recommended by Pantone Color Institue TM, also evokes the continuous chromatic spectrum of Newton’s experience.

Graphic charter :

Download the new logo :

Cupcakes 20 ans du PhLAM
Cupcakes 20 years of PhLAM with the old and the new logo

Designed by Johanna Leclercq Communication officer of the PhLAM