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The thematic days on the recent discoveries in ultrafast non-linear optical fibers.

by Johanna Leclercq - published on

The thematic days on the recent discoveries in ultrafast non-linear optical fibers organized by the Photonic Optical Network (ROP) and the Femto network of the MI (Mission for Interdisciplinarity) of the CNRS, took place on December 4th and 5th at IRCICA.

Arnaud Mussot (Professor University of Lille, PhLAM photonics team leader and IUF member) and Johanna Leclercq (PhLAM Communication Officer - CPER) were delighted to invite the leading specialists in this theme, guaranteeing the richness and quality of the presentations and presentations. subjects treated.

This workshop, which brings together more than 80 researchers, teachers, PhD students and commercials from 35 different institutes and companies, has facilitated exchanges between academic and industrial players. The ambition of these days is to perpetuate and develop this network of collaboration around the creation of a GDR (Research Group) on non-linear effects in optical fibers.

The program of these days :

We would like to thank :
> The ROP and the Femto Network of the MI of the CNRS.
> SFP, PhLAM, FiberTech and IRCICA for the organization.
> Academic partners : IUF, OSA, Labex CEMPI, CERLA, Equipex Flux, I-SITE ULNE, and again ROP, Femto Network, MI, PhLAM and IRCICA.
> Industrial sponsors : Absys, Coherent, EXFO, FC Equipment, IXBlue, Lumibird, Keysight, NKT and Thorlabs.
> Speakers : Alexandre Kudlinski (PhLAM), Matteo Conforti (PhLAM), Bertrand Kibler (ICB), Julien Fatome (ICB), Vincent Couderc (Xlim), Ammar Hideur (University of Rouen), Marc Hanna (Institute of Optics), Eric Cormier (CELIA), Lauriane Fouché (CEA), Guy Millot (ICB), Hervé Rigneault (Aix-Marseille University), Thibaut Sylvestre (Femto-st), Benjamin Wetzel (University of Sussex), Camille Sophie Brès (EPFL), Jean-Charles Beugnot (Femto-st), François Leo (Free University of Brussels), Frédéric Gérome (Xlim), John Dudley (Femto-st), Goëry genty (Tampere University of Technology), Pierre Suret (PhLAM), Arnaud Mussot (PhLAM).
> and all the participants

Johanna Leclercq Communication Officer of the PhLAM