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par Claire PIRIM, Yvain CARPENTIER - publié le , mis à jour le

Associate Professor

Contact :
- Bâtiment Cerla - Bureau R03
- Tel : +33(0)320 33 64 64

Yvain Carpentier is Associate Professor of Physics at the University Lille 1 since September 2011 when he joined the ANATRAC (Analysis of Traces) research team at the Laboratory of Physics, Lasers, Atoms and Molecules (PhLAM). During a PhD at the University Paris 11 in Orsay (France) and a Postdoc at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany), he used chemical reactors (premixed flat flames and laser pyrolysis) to produce aromatic molecules to carbonaceous nanograins relevant for Astrophysics. He employed various techniques including especially REMPI spectroscopy, Raman microscopy, FTIR to analyze spectroscopically these species at the interface between the gas-phase and the solid-state physics. He managed to link some of their spectroscopic behaviors to their structural properties. In the ANATRAC group, he works in particular on a technique based on laser desorption / laser ionization / time-of-flight mass spectrometry to analyze species adsorbed on aerosols, especially soot particles. He couples original ionization sources (118, 157 nm) in order to detect selectively or not various classes of molecules at trace-level.

Selected publication list :

  • P. Parent, C. Laffon, I. Marhaba, D. Ferry, T.Z. Regier, I.K. Ortega, B. Chazallon, Y. Carpentier, C. Focsa, Nanoscale characterization of aircraft soot : a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron and near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy study,Carbon, 101, 86-100 (2016)
  • Y. Carpentier, G. Rouillé, M. Steglich, C. Jäger, Th. Henning, F. Huisken, UV–vis gas-phase absorption spectroscopy of PAHs, in Laboratory Astrochemistry - From Molecules through Nanoparticles to Grains, edited by S. Schlemmer, Th. Giesen, H. Mutschke, and C. Jäger, published by Wiley-VCH (Weinheim, Germany), 29–49 (2015)
  • B. Chazalllon, M. Ziskind, Y. Carpentier, C. Focsa, CO2 Capture using semi-clathrates of quaternary ammonium salt : Structure change induced by CO2 and N2 enclathration, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118, 13440–13452 (2014)
  • Y. Carpentier, T. Pino, P. Bréchignac, R2PI spectroscopy of aromatic molecules produced in an ethylene-rich flame, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117, 10092–10104 (2013)
  • Y. Carpentier, G. Féraud, E. Dartois, R. Brunetto, E. Charon, A.-T. Cao, L. D’Hendecourt, Ph. Bréchignac, J.-N. Rouzaud, T. Pino, Nanostructuration of carbonaceous dust as seen through the positions of the 6.2 and 7.7 µm AIBs, Astronomy and Astrophysics 548, A40 (2012)
  • M. Steglich, Y. Carpentier, C. Jäger, F. Huisken, H.-J. Räder, Th. Henning, The smoothness of the interstellar extinction curve in the UV. Comparison with recent laboratory measurements of PAH mixtures, Astronomy and Astrophysics 540, A110 (2012)

May 18, 2015