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FOCSA Cristian

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Contact :
- Bâtiment CERLA - Bureau R01
- Tel : +33(0)320 33 64 84

Cristian Focsa is Professor of Physics at the University Lille 1, France. He is the group leader of the ANATRAC (Analysis of Traces) research team (currently 9 people) since 2002. After a PhD in gas phase high-resolution laser spectroscopy (USTL, France, 1999) and a post-doc in Fourier transform spectroscopy (University of Waterloo, Canada, 1999), he oriented his research to the study of multi- phase processes involving laser-matter interaction with applications in various fields as environment, biology or material science. C. Focsa has published over 70 scientific papers and given more than 200 communications in international meetings. He is a member of Scientific Committees of several international and European networks and programs. In the last 5 years, C. Focsa has supervised students and young researchers involved in 8 MSc, 5 PhD and 3 post-docs. He is currently heading (since June 2010) the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Lasers et Applications (CERLA), one of the leading research centers in northern France.

Selected publication list :

  • Parent, P., Laffon, C., Marhaba, I., Ferry, D., Regier, T.Z., Ortega, I.K., Chazallon, B., Carpentier, Y., Focsa, C. Nanoscale characterization of aircraft soot : A high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron and near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy study, Carbon, 101, 86-100 (2016)
  • Ortega, I.K., Donahue, N.M., Kurtén, T., Kulmala, M., Focsa, C., Vehkamäki, H.
    Can Highly Oxidized Organics Contribute to Atmospheric New Particle Formation ?
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120 (9), pp. 1452-1458 (2016)
  • M. Olivier, P. Němec, G. Boudebs, R. Boidin, C. Focsa, V. Nazabal, Photosensitivity of pulsed laser deposited Ge-Sb-Se thin films, Opt. Mater. Express 5, 781-793 (2015)
  • B. Chazallon, M. Ziskind, Y. Carpentier, C. Focsa, CO2 Capture Using Semi-Clathrates of Quaternary Ammonium Salt : Structure Change Induced by CO2 and N2 Enclathration, J. Phys. Chem. B 118, 13440 (2014)
  • G. Pompilian, G. Dascalu, I. Mihaila, S. Gurlui, M. Olivier, P. Nemec, V. Nazabal, N. Cimpoesu, C. Focsa, Pulsed Laser Deposition of Rare Earth Doped Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide Chalcogenide Thin Films, Appl. Phys. A 117, 197-205 (2014)
  • L. Leontie, I. Evtodiev, N. Spalatu, M. Caraman, S. Evtodiev, O. Racovet, M. Girtan, C. Focsa, Optical and photosensitive properties of lamellar nanocomposites obtained by Cd intercalation of GaTe, J. Alloy. Compd. 584, 542 (2014)
  • L. Diologent, J. Franck, M. Wisztorski, A. Treizebre, C. Focsa, I. Fournier, M. Ziskind, On the origin of increased sensitivity and mass resolution using silicon masks in MALDI, Anal. Chem. 86, 1404- 1413 (2014)

May 18, 2016