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Liste des publications 2008-2013

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Année 2013

  1. C. Baskiotis, Y. Quiquempois, M. Douay and P. Sillard.
    "Leakage loss analytical formulae for large core low refractive index contrasts Bragg fibres."
    JOSA B, 30(7), 1945-1953, 2013.
    http ]

  2. R. T. Murray, E. J. R. Kelleher, S. V. Popov, A. Mussot, A. Kudlinski and J. R. Taylor.
    "Widely tunable polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiber based parametric wavelength conversion."
    Optics Express, 21(13), 15826-15833, 2013.
    http ]

  3. T. Godin, B. Wetzel, T. Sylvestre, L. Larger, A. Kudlinski, A. Mussot, A. Ben Salem, M. Zghal, G. Genty, F. Dias, and J. M. Dudley.
    "Real time noise and wavelength correlations in octave-spanning supercontinuum generation."
    Optics Express, 21(15), 18452-18460, 2013.
    http ]

  4. G. Le Cocq, Y. Quiquempois A. Le Rouge, G. Bouwmans, H. El Hamzaoui, K. Delplace, M. Bouazaoui and L. Bigot.
    "Few mode Er3+-doped fiber with micro-structured core for mode division multiplexing in the C-band."
    Optics Express, 21(25), 31646-31659, 2013.
    http ]

  5. B. Sévigny, O. Vancincq, C . Valentin, N. Chen, Y. Quiquempois and G. Bouwmans.
    "Four-wave mixing stability in hybrid photonic crystal fibers with two zero-dispersion wavelengths."
    Optics Express, 21(25), 30859-30873, 2013.
    http ]

  6. E.R. Andresen, G. Bouwmans, s. Monneret and H. Rigneault.
    "Two-photons lensless endoscope."
    Optics Express, 21(18), 20713-20721, 2013.
    http ]

  7. J. Vander Auwera, N.H. Ngo, H. ElHamzaoui, B. Capoen, M. Bouazaoui, P. Ausset, C. Boulet and J.M. Hartmann.
    "Infrared absorption by molecular gases as a probe of nanoporous silica xerogel and molecule-surface collisions : Low pressure results."
    Physical Review A, 88, 042506, 2013.
    http ]

  8. L. Nadar, N. Destouches, N. Crespo-Monteiro , R. Sayah, F. Vocanson, S. Reynaud, Y. Lefkir and B. Capoen.
    "Multicolor photochromism of silver containing mesoporous films of amorphous or anatase TiO2."
    Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 15, 2048, 2013.
    http ]

  9. M. Droques, A. Kudlinski, G. Bouwmans, G. Martinelli, A. Mussot, A. Armaroli, and F. Biancalana.
    "Fourth-order dispersion mediated modulation instability in dispersion oscillating fibers."
    Optics Letters, 38(17), 3464-3467, 2013.
    http ]

  10. C. Valentin, P. Calvet, Y. Quiquempois, G. Bouwmans, L. Bigot, Q. Coulombier, M. Douay, K. Delplace, A. Mussot, and E. Hugonnot.
    "Top-hat beam output of a single-mode microstructured optical fiber : Impact of core index depression."
    Opt. Express, 21(20):23250-23260,2013.
    http ]

  11. A. Bendahmane, O. Vanvincq, A. Mussot, and A. Kudlinski.
    "Control of the soliton self-frequency shift dynamics using topographic optical fibers."
    Optics Letters, 38(17), 3390-3393, 2013.
    http ]

  12. A. Baz, H. E. Hamzaoui, I. Fsaifes, G. Bouwmans, M. Bouazaoui and L. Bigot.
    "A pure silica ytterbium-doped sol–gel-based fiber laser."
    Laser Phys. Lett., 10(5), 055106, 2013.
    http ]

  13. A. Mussot, A. Kudlinski, P. B. d’Augères and E. Hugonnot.
    "Amplification of ultra-short optical pulses in a two-pump fiber optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier."
    Opt. Express, 21(10), 12197–12203, 2013.
    http ]

  14. B. Capoen, A. Chahadih, H. E. Hamzaoui, O. Cristini and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Laser-induced growth of nanocrystals embedded in porous materials."
    Nanoscale Research Letters, 8(1), 266, 2013.
    Opt. Express, 21(10), 12197–12203, 2013.
    http ]

  15. O. Cristini-Robbe, F. Ruyffelaere, F. Dubart, A. Uwimanimpaye, C. Kinowski, R. Bernard, C. Masselot-Robbe, I. E. Yazidi and S. Turrell.
    "Local Drug Delivery Strategy for Cancer Treatment : Use of Biocompatible Sol-Gel-Derived Porous Materials."
    New Journal of Glass and Ceramics 03(02), 74–79, 2013.
    http ]

  16. N. Granzow, M. A. Schmidt, W. Chang, L. Wang, Q. Coulombier, J. Troles, P. Toupin, I. Hartl, K. F. Lee, M. E. Fermann, L. Wondraczek and P. S. J. Russell.
    "Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in As2S3-silica ‘nano-spike’ step-index waveguide."
    Opt. Express, 21(9), 10969–10977, 2013.
    http ]

  17. A. Kudlinski, A. Bendahmane, D. Labat, S. Virally, R. T. Murray, E. J. R. Kelleher and A. Mussot.
    "Simultaneous scalar and cross-phase modulation instabilities in highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber."
    Opt. Express, 21(7), 8437–8443, 2013.
    http ]

  18. A. Baz, L. Bigot, G. Bouwmans and Y. Quiquempois.
    "Single-Mode, Large Mode Area, Solid-Core Photonic BandGap Fiber With Hetero-Structured Cladding."
    Journal of Lightwave Technology, 31(5), 830–835, 2013.
    http ]

  19. P. Rigaud, V. Kermene, G. Bouwmans, L. Bigot, A. Desfarges-Berthelemot, D. Labat, A. Le Rouge, T. Mansuryan and A. Barthélémy.
    "Spatially dispersive amplification in a 12-core fiber and femtosecond pulse synthesis by coherent spectral combining."
    Opt. Express, 21(11), 13555–13563, 2013.
    http ]

  20. C. Lenaerts, J.-P. Vilcot, J. Hastanin, B. Pinchemel, S. Maricot, S. Habraken, N. Maalouli, E. Wijaya, M. Bouazaoui, J. Hottin, C. Desfours and K. Fleury-Frenette.
    "Substrate Mode-Integrated SPR Sensor."
    Plasmonics, 8(2), 1203–1208, 2013.
    http ]

  21. P. Durand, S. Pillet, E. Bendeif, C. Carteret, M.
    Bouazaoui, H. El Hamzaoui, B. Capoen, L. Salmon, S. Hebert,
    J. Ghanbaja, L. Aranda, and D. Schaniel.
    "Room temperature bistability with wide thermal hysteresis in a spin
    crossover silica nanocomposite."
    J. Mater. Chem. C, 1:1933-1942, 2013.
    http ]

  22. N. Maalouli, A. Barras, A. Siriwardena, M. Bouazaoui,
    R. Boukherroub, and S. Szunerits.
    "Comparison of photo- and Cu(I)-catalyzed "click" chemistries for
    the formation of carbohydrate SPR interfaces."
    Analyst, 138:805-812, 2013.
    http ]

  23. M. Droques, A. Kudlinski, G. Bouwmans, G. Martinelli, and A. Mussot.
    "Dynamics of the modulation instability spectrum in optical fibers
    with oscillating dispersion."
    Phys. Rev. A, 87:013813, Jan 2013.
    http ]

  24. E.R Andresen, G. Bouwmans, S. Monneret, and H. Rigneault.
    "Towards endoscopes with no distal optics : Video-rate scanning microscopy through a fiber bundle."
    Opt. Lett., 38(5), 609-611, 2013.
    http ]

Année 2012 (31 publications)

  1. O. Berkani, K. Latrous, H. El Hamzaoui , M. Bouazaoui and B. Capoen
    "UV laser irradiation-induced crystallization in titania thick films prepared using a sol-gel method"
    J. New Technol. & Mater., 2(2), 13-17, 2011
    http ]

  2. P. Grinberg, K. Bencheikh, M. Brunstein, A. M. Yacomotti, Y. Dumeige,
    I. Sagnes, F. Raineri, L. Bigot, and J. A. Levenson.
    "Enhancement of a nano cavity lifetime by induced slow light and
    nonlinear dispersions."
    Opt. Express, 20(24):27403-27410, 2012.
    http ]

  3. G. Le Cocq, L. Bigot, A. Le Rouge, M. Bigot-Astruc,
    P. Sillard, C. Koebele, M. Salsi, and Y. Quiquempois.
    "Modeling and characterization of a few-mode EDFA supporting four mode
    groups for mode division multiplexing."
    Opt. Express, 20(24):27051-27061, 2012.
    http ]

  4. M. Brunstein, A. M. Yacomotti, I. Sagnes, F. Raineri, L.
    Bigot, and A. Levenson.
    "Excitability and self-pulsing in a photonic crystal nanocavity."
    Phys. Rev. A, 85:031803, 2012.
    http ]

  5. A. Kudlinski, R. Habert, M. Droques, G. Beck, L. Bigot, and A. Mussot.
    "Temperature dependence of the zero dispersion wavelength in a
    photonic crystal fiber."
    Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 24(6):431-433, 2012.
    http ]

  6. A. Chahadih, H. El Hamzaoui, O. Cristini, L. Bigot, R.
    Bernard, C. Kinowski, M. Bouazaoui, and B. Capoen.
    "H2-induced copper and silver nanoparticle precipitation inside
    sol-gel silica optical fiber preforms."
    Nanoscale Research Letters, 7(1):1-6, 2012.
    http ]

  7. G. Beck, L. Bigot, G. Bouwmans, A. Kudlinski, J. P Vilcot, and M. Douay.
    "Benefits of photonic bandgap fibers for the thermal stabilization of
    optoelectronic oscillators."
    Photonics Journal, IEEE, 4(3):789-794, 2012.
    http ]

  8. A. Kudlinski and A. Mussot.
    "Optimization of continuous-wave supercontinuum generation."
    Optical Fiber Technology, 18(5):322 - 326, 2012.
    http ]

  9. A. Mussot and A. Kudlinski.
    "Modulation instability : loaded dice."
    Nature photonics, 6:415-416, 2012.
    http ]

  10. G. Mélin, D. Labat, L. Galkovsky, A. Fleureau, S. Lempereur, A. Mussot, and
    A. Kudlinski.
    "Highly-nonlinear photonic crystal fibre with high figure of merit
    around 1 µm."
    Electronics Letters, 48(4):232-234, 2012.
    http ]

  11. K. Hammani, C. Finot, R. Habert, A. Mussot, and A. Kudlinski.
    "Active reduction of fluctuations in fourth-order modulation
    Opt. Lett., 37(20):4305-4307, 2012.
    http ]

  12. O. Vanvincq, A. Kudlinski, A. Bétourné, A. Mussot, Y. Quiquempois, and
    G. Bouwmans.
    "Manipulating the propagation of solitons with solid-core photonic
    bandgap fibers."
    International Journal of Optics, 2012:157319, 2012.
    http ]

  13. R. T. Murray, E. J. R. Kelleher, S. V. Popov, A. Mussot, A. Kudlinski, and
    J. R. Taylor.
    "Synchronously pumped photonic crystal fiber-based optical parametric
    Opt. Lett., 37(15):3156-3158, 2012.
    http ]

  14. B. Stiller, A. Kudlinski, Min Won Lee, G. Bouwmans, M. Delqué, J-C Beugnot,
    H. Maillotte, and T. Sylvestre.
    SBS mitigation in a microstructured optical fiber by periodically
    varying the core diameter.
    Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 24(8):667-669, 2012.
    http ]

  15. I. Razdobreev, H. El Hamzaoui, G. Bouwmans, M. Bouazaoui,
    and V. B. Arion.
    "Photoluminescence of sol-gel silica fiber preform doped with
    bismuth-containing heterotrinuclear complex."
    Opt. Mater. Express, 2(2):205-213, Feb 2012.
    http ]

  16. T. Sylvestre, A. R. Ragueh, M. W. Lee, B. Stiller, G. Fanjoux, B. Barviau,
    A. Mussot, and A. Kudlinski.
    "Black-light continuum generation in a silica-core photonic crystal
    Opt. Lett., 37(2):130-132, 2012.
    http ]

  17. J. Hottin, E. Wijaya, L. Hay, S. Maricot, M. Bouazaoui, and
    J.-P. Vilcot.
    "Comparison of gold and silver/gold bimetallic surface for highly
    sensitive near-infrared spr sensor at 1550 nm."
    Plasmonics, 8(2):619-624, 2013.
    http ]

  18. N.H. Arabi, A. Iratni, H. El Hamzaoui, B. Capoen, M. Bouazaoui, M. Halbwax,
    J.P. Vilcot, and S. Bastide.
    "Antireflective sol-gel TiO2 thin films for single crystal silicon
    and textured polycrystal silicon."
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 62(1):24-30, 2012.
    http ]

  19. O. Berkani, K. Latrous, H. El Hamzaoui, B. Capoen, and M.
    "Effects of heat treatment and TiO2 content on the optical properties
    of Eu3+ doped TiO2-SiO2 thin films."
    Journal of Luminescence, 132(11):2979-2983, 2012.
    http ]

  20. T. T. Van Tran, T. Si Bui, S. Turrell, B. Capoen, P. Roussel, M. Bouazaoui,
    M. Ferrari, O. Cristini, and C. Kinowski.
    "Controlled SnO2 nanocrystal growth in SiO2-SnO2 glass-ceramic
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 43(7):869-875, 2012.
    http ]

  21. H. El Hamzaoui, Y. Ouerdane, L. Bigot, G. Bouwmans, B.
    Capoen, A. Boukenter, S. Girard, and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Sol-gel derived ionic copper-doped microstructured optical fiber : a
    potential selective ultraviolet radiation dosimeter."
    Opt. Express, 20(28):29751-29760, 2012.
    http ]

  22. Y. Bourlier, R. Bernard, C. Lethien, P. Roussel, M.
    Zegaoui, M. Bouazaoui, N. Rolland, and P. A. Rolland.
    "Hall-effect measurements of sol-gel derived CuInS2 thin films
    for photovoltaic applications."
    Applied Physics Express, 5(12):125801, 2012.
    http ]

  23. B. Wetzel, A. Stefani, L. Larger, P. A. Lacourt, J. M. Merolla, T. Sylvestre,
    A. Kudlinski, A. Mussot, G. Genty, F. Dias, and J. M. Dudley.
    "Real-time full bandwidth measurement of spectral noise in supercontinuum generation."
    Scientific Reports, 2:882, 2012.
    .html ]

  24. A. Baz, G. Bouwmans, L. Bigot, and Y. Quiquempois.
    "Pixelated high-index ring bragg fibers."
    Opt. Express, 20(17):18795-18802, Aug 2012.
    http ]

  25. R. Rosales, K. Merghem, C. Calo, G. Bouwmans, I. Krestnikov, A. Martinez, and
    A. Ramdane.
    "Optical pulse generation in single section InAs/GaAs quantum dot edge
    emitting lasers under continuous wave operation."
    Applied Physics Letters, 101(22):221113-221113-3, 2012.
    http ]

  26. M. Droques, A. Kudlinski, G. Bouwmans, G. Martinelli, and A. Mussot.
    "Experimental demonstration of modulation instability in an optical
    fiber with a periodic dispersion landscape."
    Opt. Lett., 37(23):4832-4834, 2012.
    http ]

  27. T. Mansuryan, Ph. Rigaud, G. Bouwmans, V. Kermene, Y. Quiquempois,
    A. Desfarges-Berthelemot, P. Armand, J. Benoist, and A. Barthélémy.
    "Spatially dispersive scheme for transmission and synthesis of
    femtosecond pulses through a multicore fiber."
    Opt. Express, 20(22):24769-24777, 2012.
    http ]

  28. He Liu, Aimin Wang, Lingjun Jiang, L. Bigot, G. Bouwmans, and Zhigang Zhang.
    "Sub-30-fs pulse generation from dispersion-managed Yb:fiber ring
    laser incorporating solid-core photonic bandgap fiber."
    Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 24(6):500-502, 2012.
    http ]

  29. F. C. Favero, L. Araujo, G. Bouwmans, V. Finazzi, J. Villatoro, and V. Pruneri.
    "Spheroidal fabry-perot microcavities in optical fibers for
    high-sensitivity sensing."
    Opt. Express, 20(7):7112-7118, 2012.
    http ]

  30. A. Mussot, A. Kudlinski, R. Habert, I. Dahman, G. Mélin, L. Galkovsky,
    A. Fleureau, S. Lempereur, L. Lago, D. Bigourd, T. Sylvestre, M. W. Lee, and
    E. Hugonnot.
    "20 THz-bandwidth continuous-wave fiber optical parametric amplifier
    operating at 1 µm using a dispersion-stabilized photonic crystal
    Opt. Express, 20(27):28906-28911, 2012.
    http ]

  31. Y. Ould-Agha, A. Bétourné, O. Vanvincq, G.
    Bouwmans, and Y. Quiquempois.
    "Broadband bandgap guidance and mode filtering in radially hybrid
    photonic crystal fiber."
    Opt. Express, 20(6):6746-6760, 2012.
    http ]

Année 2011 (25 publications)

  1. A. Kudlinski, A. Mussot, R. Habert, and T. Sylvestre.
    "Widely tunable parametric amplification and pulse train generation by
    heating a photonic crystal fiber."
    Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of, 47(12):1514-1518, 2011.
    http ]

  2. L. Lago, D. Bigourd, A. Mussot, M. Douay, and E. Hugonnot.
    "High-energy temporally shaped nanosecond-pulse master-oscillator
    power amplifier based on ytterbium-doped single-mode microstructured flexible
    Opt. Lett., 36(5):734-736, 2011.
    http ]

  3. M. Droques, B. Barviau, A. Kudlinski, M. Taki, A. Boucon, T. Sylvestre, and
    A. Mussot.
    "Symmetry-breaking dynamics of the modulational instability spectrum."
    Opt. Lett., 36(8):1359-1361, 2011.
    http ]

  4. B. Barviau, O. Vanvincq, A. Mussot, Y. Quiquempois, G. Mélin, and
    A. Kudlinski.
    "Enhanced soliton self-frequency shift and cw supercontinuum
    generation in GeO2-doped core photonic crystal fibers."
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 28(5):1152-1160, 2011.
    http ]

  5. M. Droques, B. Barviau, A. Kudlinski, G. Bouwmans, and A. Mussot.
    "Simple Method for Measuring the Zero-Dispersion Wavelength in Optical Fibers."
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23(10), 609-611, 2011.
    http ]

  6. D. Labat, G. Mélin, A. Mussot, A. Fleureau, L. Galkovsky, S. Lempereur, and
    A. Kudlinski.
    "Phosphorus-doped photonic crystal fibers for high-power (36 w)
    visible CW supercontinuum."
    Photonics Journal, IEEE, 3(5):815-820, 2011.
    http ]

  7. D. Bigourd, L. Lago, A. Kudlinski, E. Hugonnot, and A. Mussot.
    "Dynamics of fiber optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers."
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 28(11), 2848-2854, 2011.
    http ]

  8. O. Vanvincq, J. C. Travers, and A. Kudlinski.
    "Conservation of the photon number in the generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation in axially varying optical fibers."
    Physical Review A, 84(6), 063820, 2011.
    http ]

  9. B. Kibler, C. Michel, A. Kudlinski, B. Barviau, G. Millot, and A. Picozzi.
    "Emergence of spectral incoherent solitons through supercontinuum generation in a photonic crystal fiber."
    Physical Review E, 84(6), 066605, 2011
    http ]

  10. M. I. Kolobov, A. Mussot, A. Kudlinski, E. Louvergneaux, and M. Taki.
    "Third-order dispersion drastically changes parametric gain in optical fiber systems."
    Physical Review A, 83(3), 035801, 2011.
    http ]

  11. F. C. Favero, G. Bouwmans, V. Finazzi, J. Villatoro, and V. Pruneri.
    "Fabry-Perot interferometers built by photonic crystal fiber pressurization during fusion splicing."
    Optics Letters, 36(21), 4191-4193, 2011.
    http ]

  12. J.-F. Clément, D. Bacquet, A. Kudlinski, G. Bouwmans, O. Soppera, J.-C. Garreau, and P. Szriftgiser.
    "Multicore fiber for cold-atomic cloud monitoring."
    Optics Express, 19(23), 22936-22941,2011.
    http ]

  13. H. El Hamzaoui, L. Bigot, G. Bouwmans, I. Razdobreev, M. Bouazaoui, and B. Capoen.
    "From molecular precursors in solution to microstructured optical fiber : a Sol-gel polymeric route."
    Optical Materials Express, 1(2), 234-242, 2011.
    http ]

  14. H. El Hamzaoui, R. Bernard, A. Chahadih, F. Chassagneux, L. Bois, B. Capoen, and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Continuous laser irradiation under ambient conditions : A simple way for the space-selective growth of gold nanoparticles inside a silica monolith."
    Materials Research Bulletin, 46(9), 1530-1533, 2011.
    http ]

  15. K. Raulin, S. Turrell, B. Capoen, C. Kinowski, V. Thi Thanh Tran, M. Bouazaoui, and O. Cristini.
    "Raman Characterization of Localized CdS Nanostructures Synthesized by UV Irradiation in Sol–gel Silica Matrices."
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 42(6), 1366-1372, 2011.
    http ]

  16. N. Maalouli, A. C. Gouget-Laemmel, B. Pinchemel, M. Bouazaoui, J.-N. Chazalviel, F. Ozanam, Y. Yang, P. Burkhard, R. Boukherroub, and S. Szunerits.
    "Development of a Metal-Chelated Plasmonic Interface for the Linking of His-Peptides with a Droplet-Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Read-Off Scheme."
    Langmuir, 27(9), 5498-5505, 2011.
    http ]

  17. A. Chahadih, H. El Hamzaoui, R. Bernard, L. Bois, F. Beclin, O. Cristini, B. Capoen, and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Continuous Laser Direct-writing of PbS Nanoparticles Inside Transparent Silica Monoliths."
    Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13(12), 6507-6515, 2011.
    http ]

  18. L. Bigot, H. El Hamzaoui, A. Le Rouge, G. Bouwmans, F. Chassagneux, B. Capoen, and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Linear and nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticle-doped photonic crystal fiber."
    Optics Express, 19(20), 19061-19066, 2011.
    http ]

  19. S. Girard, Y. Ouerdane, M. Bouazaoui, C. Marcandella, A. Boukenter, L. Bigot, and A. Kudlinski.
    "Transient radiation-induced effects on solid core microstructured optical fibers."
    Optics Express, 19(22), 21760-21767, 2011.
    http ]

  20. A. Chahadih, H. El Hamzaoui, R. Bernard, L. Boussekey, L. Bois, O. Cristini, M. Le Parquier, B. Capoen, and M. Bouazaoui.
    "Direct-writing of PbS Nanoparticles Inside Transparent Porous Silica Monoliths Using Pulsed Femtosecond Laser Irradiation."
    Nanoscale Research Letters, 6(1), 542, 2011.
    http ]

  21. R. Goto, I. Fsaifes, A. Baz, L. Bigot, K. Takenaga, S. Matsuo, et S. D. Jackson.
    "UV-induced Bragg grating inscription into single-polarization all-solid hybrid microstructured optical fiber."
    Optics Express, 19(14), 13525-13530, 2011.
    http ]

  22. I. Razdobreev, and L. Bigot.
    "On the multiplicity of Bismuth active centres in germano-aluminosilicate preform."
    Optical Materials, 33(6), 973-977, 2011.
    http ]

  23. O. Lafon, M. Rosay, F. Aussenac, X. Lu, J. Trébosc, O. Cristini, C. Kinowski, N. Touati, H. Vezin, and J.-P. Amoureux.
    "Beyond the Silica Surface by Direct Silicon-29 Dynamic Nuclear Polarization."
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50(36), 8367–8370, 2011.
    http ]

  24. T. H. Nguyen, J. Habinshuti, Y. Justo, R. Gomes, G. Mahieu, S. Godey, J. P. Nys, S. Carrillo, Z. Hens, O. Robbe, S. Turrell, and B. Grandidier.
    "Charge carrier identification in tunneling spectroscopy of core-shell nanocrystals."
    Physical Review B, 84(19), 195133, 2011.
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Année 2010 (27 publications)

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Année 2009 (17 publications)

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Année 2008 (17 publications)

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