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Cord Müller (Université de Constance et Institut Non Linéaire de Nice)

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5 décembre 2014 à 11 h salle 172 bat. P5 bis

Anderson localization loop spectroscopy

In this talk, I will introduce a new framework to study weak localization as well as the onset of Anderson localization in disordered systems. The idea is to expose the waves propagating in a random scattering environment to a sequence of short dephasing pulses.
The system responds through coherence peaks forming at specific echo times, each echo representing a particular process of quantum interference.
We have suggested a concrete realization for cold gases, where quantum interferences are observed in the momentum distribution of matter waves in a laser speckle potential.
Our proposal has been recently realised at Institut d’Optique in the weak localisation regime.
Eventually, we envisage the probing of higher-order processes like coherent-forward scattering, which has been established as the momentum-space signature of Anderson localisation.

Reference  : T. Mickliltz, C.A. Mueller, A. Altland, arXiv:1406.6915