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Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

par Giuseppe PATERA, Mikhail KOLOBOV, Webmestre - publié le


The group of Quantum Imaging and Quantum Information is interested, from a theoretical point of view, in the investigation about the quantum properties of optical systems that are multimode either in spatial or temporal degrees of freedom and their implications and impact for all-optical processing in the context of quantum information, communication and metrology.

In particular the group is interested in the fundamental limits imposed by the quantum nature of light on the coding, transmission and extraction of information by means of multimode optical beams. Limits that may be beaten, however, by opportune manipulation of the quantum fluctuations.

On the other side, one of the fundamental problems of quantum information is to understand the fundamental properties of quantum entanglement and exploit it for performing tasks that are inaccessible to conventional protocols for the processing of information. In this context, highly multimode devices could implement quantum communication networks , cryptographic protocols for secure key distribution or increase the flow exchange of information.

After being the first to introduce the concepts of local squeezing and local entanglement , the team develops its activities in collaboration with the Quantum Brussels led by Nicolas Cerf Information team, focusing including the understanding and characterization of the fundamental properties of entanglement between multiple parties using the formalism of symplectic invariants . The synthesis between these two themes has naturally led to the formulation of a theory of multipartite entanglement into account the spatial degrees of freedom. The team has been actively involved from 2008 to 2011 in the European FP7 project HIDEAS , together with other theoretical and experimental groups are also interested in quantum properties of multimode systems.

Activités de Recherche

  • Multimode quantum optics and multipartite entanglement : more
  • Quantum fluctuations in nano-lasers :
  • Quantum limits in compressed sensing :

Mots Clefs : non-linear optics ; quantum optics ; quantum imaging ; ultra-fast quantum optics ; entanglement ; quantum information ;

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Membres de l’équipe

Mikhail KOLOBOV (PR)
Giuseppe PATERA (MCF)