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Active fibers

by Olivier VANVINCQ - published on

Research activities:

- Doped glasses and fibers for applications around 1 µm
- Monomode and multimode optical amplifiers around 1,55 µm
- Fibers with exotic doping


Amplifier, Doping, Modal multiplexing, top-hat beam, nanoparticle, sol-gel

Recent publications:

  • G. Le Cocq, L. Bigot, A. Le Rouge, M. Bigot-Astruc,
    P. Sillard, C. Koebele, M. Salsi, and Y. Quiquempois.
    "Modeling and characterization of a few-mode EDFA supporting four mode
    groups for mode division multiplexing."
    Opt. Express, 20(24):27051-27061, 2012.
    http ]

  • A. Chahadih, H. El Hamzaoui, O. Cristini, L. Bigot, R.
    Bernard, C. Kinowski, M. Bouazaoui, and B. Capoen.
    "H2-induced copper and silver nanoparticle precipitation inside
    sol-gel silica optical fiber preforms."
    Nanoscale Research Letters, 7(1):1-6, 2012.
    http ]

  • I. Razdobreev, H. El Hamzaoui, G. Bouwmans, M. Bouazaoui,
    and V. B. Arion.
    "Photoluminescence of sol-gel silica fiber preform doped with
    bismuth-containing heterotrinuclear complex."
    Opt. Mater. Express, 2(2):205-213, Feb 2012.
    http ]