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Open Postdoc position 2017

The Nonlinear Dynamical of Optical Systems Group at the University of Lille announces the availability of a postdoctoral fellowship to study "EFFECTS OF NONLOCALITY AND NOISE ON NONLINEAR PROPAGATION THROUGH NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTALS".

The main goal is to study the effects of nonlocality and stochasticity on nonlinear phenomena that occur during the propagation through a focusing non-instantaneous Kerr-like liquid crystal medium. Of particular interest are fundamental studies as well as control and management of light objects and trajectories such as localized states and wave singularities. In this way, we focus on the generation of spatial wave singularities (localization, shockwave, collapse, self-steepening, etc.).

The postdoctoral position is dedicated mainly to experimental but also to numerical aspects of this project. The ideal candidate should have a background in nonlinear dynamical systems, more precisely in transverse non-linear propagation and ideally in liquid crystals. Programming languages are C++ and MatLab. Experience with experiments is required.

Position and application details

  • The position is for one-year renewable and could start anytime by the end of 2017.
  • Net annual salary is about 25000€ for a debutant and includes a benefits package (health insurance, retirement, and unemployment benefits).
  • The position is sponsored by a grant from the CPER Photonics for Society.
  • The laboratory (Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules) is located on the Villeneuve d’Ascq campus of the University of Lille. Lille is a lively city connected by high-speed train to Brussel (30mn), Paris (1h) and London (1h30).
  • Candidates interested in the position should arrange for two letters of recommendation and CV to be sent (by email or post-office) directly to : Eric Louvergneaux


Nonlinear dynamics, liquid crystals, Kerr media, propagation, noisy systems, nonlocality, singularity, transverse systems

Open Master thesis 2017

Study of light control and management for routing functions in telecommunications

At the time of Internet and telecommunications, high-speed networks have become a crucial issue that requires always increasing the transfer rates. To meet this challenge, the solution is to use all-optical communications that is to replace e.g. electronic operations by much faster optical operations. Thus, the study and development of logic gates, routers, optical switches, etc. have become highly sought-after study elements.
We propose here to study the routing of light, that is to say, the control and the management of the trajectory of the light in such a way as to be able, for example, to direct it as desired towards a target. The way used to reach such a goal is to exploit the non-linear interactions experienced by light when it propagates trough a medium. Examples of non-linear effects are self-focusing with the creation of "optical bits", shock waves, generation of new frequencies, etc. The idea here is to take advantage of these effects to control and manipulate the trajectory of light in order to realize the "routing" of light.
The experimental system used is a slice of liquid crystals in which we study the effects of non-linear propagation of light beams. Several profiles of beams will be studied to explore the different possibilities of encountered effects. The aim is to analyze the nonlinear effects, their stability, their robustness, the reachable deflections, and so on. The training will mainly include aspects of assemblages and realizations of optical experiments but also lead to theoretical works and numerical simulations to understand and explain the experimentally observed phenomena