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Appointment to the IUF

Arnaud Mussot, professor at Lille PhLAM laboratory was appointed junior member at the "Institut Universitaire de France"

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Leconte Prize

The price in 2015 was awarded to Jean-Claude Garreau, director of research at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique at the Laser Physics Laboratory, Atoms, Molecules of Lille.

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Lectures and seminars of Trevor Sears

Trevor Sears, Brookhaven National Laboratory, State University of New York at Stony Brook, invited professor, will give series of lectures and seminars, 7-21 November.

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PHD Defense :Aurore Woller

«Entrainment of the mammalian circadian clock by metabolism in the liver: a quantitative mathematical model »

THURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH 2016 at 2:30 PM — Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille, Amphithéâtre Jouvet

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PhLAM team article figure selected for the Phys. Rev. E "Kaleidoscope"

A figure from a PhLAM team article selected by the Physical Review E Editor to be displayed on the journal web site as part of the "Kaleidoscope".

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Seminar Marcel Clerc

«Spatiotemporal Chaotic Localized State in Liquid Crystal Light Valve Experiments with Optical Feedback»

Vendredi 17 avril — 14h30 — salle 172

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Seminar : Alexej Streltsov

«A time-dependent tour with novel many-body phenomena in attractive and repulsive Bose-systems»

Vendredi 5 Juin — 11h — Amphi Glorieux (CERLA)

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Seminar : Bruno Laburthe-Tolra

«Dipolar chromium atoms: Spin dynamics in optical lattices and thermodynamics»

19 novembre 2015 — 11h00 — P5bis, salle 172

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Seminar : Pierre-Elie Larré

« Superfluid and quantum features in the hydrodynamic flow of a fluid of light »

22 janvier 2016 — 11h — P5bis, salle 252

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Seminar: Darka Labavić

«Coherent collective behaviour of coupled genetic circuits»
Vendredi 27 Janvier 2017 — 11h — Amphi Glorieux (Cerla)

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